5 NEFs for Lübeck

As part of the state-wide collective procurement of emergency medical service vehicles (NEF) and transfer medical service vehicles (VEF) for the Schleswig-Holstein Association of Counties and Towns, in short "NEF SH 2021", the rescue service of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck received 5 vehicles with a somewhat modified interior concept. Info about the basic concept [...]


ELW1 for the fire departments in the district of Meißen

In glorious sunshine, we were able to hand over a new piece of equipment to the fire departments in Meißen County. The vehicle was procured by Meißen County and is used for command support. We wish the comrades a safe journey and safe operations at all times!


NEFs for the DRK Kreisverband Verden e.V.

The DRK Kreisverband Verden e. V. has picked up 2 NEF from us. In addition to the sophisticated interior concept and the lush blue light configuration, this vehicle stands out especially because of its decals, which reveal their full warning effect at night! We wish you a safe journey and safe operations!


MZF for water rescue Burgkirchen-Emmerting

On 14.03.2022 the vehicle handover of a BINZ water rescue emergency vehicle took place to the water rescue Burgkirchen-Emmerting water rescue of the BRK district association Altötting. The new water rescue MZF is based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 CDI (5t) with a switchable all-wheel drive. The wading depth from the vehicle is 600 mm. [...]


ESW water rescue for the DLRG local group Rheinhausen

The DLRG local group Rheinhausen received on Friday a new BINZ water rescue emergency vehicle based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI. Since the local group Rheinhausen received no subsidies from country/federation for the procurement of a new water rescue emergency vehicle, the complete procurement costs had to be financed by own means of the [...]


Measuring equipment truck with RESCUBE box body for Ludwigsburg Fire Department

The takeover of a BINZ RESCUBE 4.0 measurement technology equipment vehicle took place on 22.10.2021 to the district of Ludwigsburg. More photos and a 360° interior tour can be found on our product page: Measuring equipment truck with RESCUBE box body […]

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