On 14.03.2022 the vehicle handover of a BINZ water rescue emergency vehicle took place to the water rescue Burgkirchen-Emmerting water rescue of the BRK district association Altötting.
The new water rescue MZF is based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 CDI (5t) with a switchable all-wheel drive. The wading depth from the vehicle is 600 mm.
At the front, the Sprinter is equipped with a powerful winch. The warning and signal technology consists of the proven signal technology of the company Rauwers GmbH. Three LED beacons with the latest Solaris LED technology and dual LED light modules ensure maximum visibility in road traffic. In addition, the AS-320 tone sequencing system performs penetrating special signals with a high degree of efficiency. A fully automatic step at the side entrance guarantees safe entry and exit for the emergency services. The emergency vehicle is designed for eight emergency personnel. The crew compartment is designed in a vis-a-vis seating arrangement. Between the rows of seats is an innovative swivel table that can also be moved. A waterproof BINZ Dekor sprayed floor is implanted as flooring in the crew and equipment/cargo compartments. The partition in the vehicle is equipped with a through-loading flap. Thus, it is also possible to transport long material. A sophisticated transport system allows a total of 12 compressed air cylinders to be accommodated in the equipment cargo compartment. Furthermore, an integrated airline rail system in the BINZ decor splashback allows additional aluminum transport boxes to be stored safely.
We wish the comrades of the Wasserwacht Burgkirchen-Emmerting a safe journey and come home healthy from your missions.