Mobile medical systems

Mobile medical systems from BINZ are truck bodies and buses equipped with the necessary clinical equipment for basic civilian medical care. They are used for mobile medical care in remote areas, for preventive care or as blood donation facilities.

Ensuring a high technical and medical standard is considered the main criterion here when selecting medical and other equipment.

  • BINZ products for special medical purposes: the blood donation bus or the children’s health mobile
  • Customized, mission-oriented solutions with clinical interiors, furniture, shelving and supports for transport-safe, hygienic storage of medical devices and utensils
  • Microprocessor-controlled, programmable power electronics for reliable and easy operation
  • Hygienic, non-slip and high-performance safety sprayed floors according to BRG/DIN 51130
  • Optimized space utilization due to compact design
  • Sealed smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and a professional look
  • BINZ lighting concept for best room lighting