Toll control service vehicle for monitoring proper payment of truck tolls

The Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) uses the toll control service vehicles to carry out mobile checks on the route network subject to tolls. Various control scenarios are used to ensure that the truck toll is paid properly throughout Germany.

You can find out more about the toll control service on the website of the Federal Office for Goods Transport: Toll control service – Federal Office for Goods Transport.

Equipment highlights

Work table in transport positionWork table ready for use

The toll control service vehicles will be equipped with an aerodynamic roof platform to accommodate the two readout units (transceivers). In addition, you will find numerous different antennas in the roof platform. The roof platform is a proprietary development from BINZ and was designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Production line BINZ MKD vehicle

Insight into the production line

In the cockpit, in front of the passenger, there is a monitor on which the control process is displayed.

For safe input while driving, the keyboard was embedded in a special holder, which can be fixed to the thigh.

The office part offers two workstations from which one can access the remote notebooks, the multifunction device and the credit card terminal. Due to the Corona pandemic, an infection control curtain was provided in the vehicles.

A maintenance-friendly tilt unit to accommodate the BINZ power management and toll control technology was installed in the worktable. The power management takes over the control and monitoring for the power supply for the toll control technology.

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