Measuring equipment truck with RESCUBE box body

The BINZ RESCUBE product brand represents intelligence, future and safety, three brand values of BINZ.
RESCUBE 4.0 stands for an attractive design, a unique working environment for emergency forces, high everyday suitability for a wide range of operational scenarios and maximum safety – thanks to state-of-the-art technology.
The groundbreaking design and innovative spaceframe construction make the RESCUBE a safe place to work. In addition, the RESCUBE scores further points by saving resources and thus occupies a top position in the eco-balance.

  • possible basic vehicles:
    • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
    • Volkswagen Crafter
    • MAN TGE
  • Length: 6500
  • Width: 2.500 mm
  • Height: 3.100 mm
  • Permitted Total weight: 5.500 kg

Equipment highlights

The case is divided into two rooms. In the front workspace there is an ergonomic workstation for substance research. With the help of an equipped computer workstation including a retractable multifunctional device and technical literature, the hazardous material can be determined at the scene of the incident. In addition, the workspace has an integrated compressor refrigerator. The second room contains the extensive and high-quality cargo, which is secured in cabinet and shelf modules, according to the regulations of cargo securing. Both workrooms are air-conditioned via a roof air-conditioning system, thus ensuring the best working conditions and a feel-good climate.

The measurement equipment truck houses many measuring devices for detecting chemical substances in the ambient air as well as radioactive substances. With these measuring devices, the fire department can, for example, determine the explosion hazard after gas leaks or the concentration of pollutants in the ambient air after a hazardous material leak.

There is an awning on the right side of the vehicle.

On the left side of the vehicle there is a storage compartment for transporting any contaminated material separately from the interior.

Wide-opening rear doors and a fold-out rear step allow easy entry and exit to the rear compartment.

The left side of the equipment compartment in the rear is occupied by the clearly arranged rear shelf made of aluminum profile frames.

On the right side there are numerous pullouts for measuring equipment and a work surface.

The drawers offer plenty of space for safely stowing valuable measurement equipment.

In the front area of the box body there is an ergonomic workstation for fabric research.

Drawers for office equipment.

Central control panel for the most important functions such as auxiliary heating, environmental station, inverter and a TETRA handset.

Clearly and functionally designed driver’s compartment.

Interactive: exterior views and 360° interior view

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