Leading in special vehicle construction

BINZ Automotive GmbH is one of the leading companies in special vehicle construction. We offer our customers solutions and services for rescue and mobility. Whether ambulance, fire department, police or mobile medical technology: we build innovative special vehicles of the highest quality. Our unique individuality in manufacturing is crucial to our success – in Germany, in Europe and in the world.

Modifications per year
Business divisions
Years of company history

Maximum reliability

With the annual production of over 1,500 ambulances, fire engines, and government vehicles, as well as medical service equipment, we are one of the biggest in the industry.

In Ilmenau, we build special vehicles that are used whenever the going gets tough. That is why safety is our top priority. Our technology offers our customers maximum reliability, which we constantly reassess. The close cooperation with the TU Ilmenau helps us to do this. This is how new solutions for complex technical challenges are created time and again.

To ensure that we can continue to be successful, we are already evolving from classic special vehicle construction to a completely new type of service company. The core business, i.e. the construction and expansion of vehicles, remains the basis. At the same time, however, we are aggressively pursuing business areas in which new growth opportunities are opening up for us.

On the pulse of rescue

Thus, a first change has taken place with a completely new concept, the RESCUBE rescue and intensive care transport vehicle. This groundbreaking development of a box body focuses on the activities of the rescue service – and not the vehicle. The name is a combination of Rescue and Cube and bridges the gap between the task and the external form. The innovative concept enables a higher quality of care, allowing staff to treat patients even more effectively.

Everything from one source

This requires a BINZ that is supported by a team. Many of our more than 150 employees have been with us for years, applying their know-how in a targeted manner and passing it on – to junior staff and apprentices. Knowledge of the special features of rescue and mobility technology is actively cultivated and deliberately developed.

State of the art systems

Since each interior is a one-off production, we can take into account every detail, no matter how small. At the beginning there is the exchange with the customer, with whom we develop the concept together. Coupled with our state-of-the-art planning software, computer-aided manufacturing and our experienced staff, we create solutions that precisely meet the wishes and requirements of our customers. Sophisticated quality management and the experience and ideas of everyone involved ensure that every single vehicle is finished to the highest quality.