(Un)protected ambulances

Impassable terrain, extreme weather conditions, combat action – there are many factors that can make rescuing and caring for casualties in the field a real challenge. Protected and unprotected ambulances are used for the qualified first aid of injured persons.

Unprotected, as well as light to heavy protected ambulances are available for qualified transport in the military sector. The emergency medical services are responsible for first aid and for transporting the injured and wounded to the nearest medical facility. To ensure that the vehicle can also provide intensive medical care for patients in addition to transport, BINZ supplies the appropriate equipment elements.

Our highest priority is to integrate medical devices and equipment as perfectly as possible in order to achieve a high standard of emergency medical care in all operational scenarios.

The aim is to support the rescue of the injured and wounded at any time of day, in wind and weather and from any region, no matter how impassable, and to provide immediate medical care.

Military ambulance vehicle based on Mercedes Benz Unimog

European BINZ patent, the electromechanical stretcher loading system with double-curve kinematics, DCK for short, in action:

Military ambulance vehicle based on IVECO Eurocargo

Paramedic Kit for the sgSanKfz Boxer