BINZ Rescube 4.0

The RESCUBE is one of the most modern ambulances with box body. With its ergonomically designed interior, sophisticated electronics and its user-friendly control panels, it offers a lot of added value for patients and rescue personnel.

Thanks to its internal aluminum skeleton construction, the outer and inner deck layer of 2mm, as well as a 42mm thick PU foam core, our box body offers the highest level of safety (DIN 13500) and comfort through optimal noise and heat insulation.

The optional electric closing aids for all doors and flaps of the box body offer particular convenience in use.

The profile-integrated blue light corners developed in cooperation with Hänsch guarantee 360° geometric visibility to achieve maximum warning effect all around. Additional modules such as working lights, rear warning system (RWS), position lights, direction indicators, tail lights and brake lights are included as standard.

Equipment highlights

Work table in transport positionWork table ready for use

Front cabinet module for clear storage of consumables (optionally also with 3rd attendant seat)

Side storage compartment on the right to accommodate shovel stretcher, spineboard, vacuum mattress and carrying chair

Side storage compartment on the left for safe loading of oxygen cylinders, fire extinguisher and rescue and recovery tools

Folding and rotating comfort attendant seats with armrests and adjustable backrest

Interactive: exterior views and 360° interior view

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