Dear friends, customers and partners of BINZ,

from the bottom of our hearts we wish you for this Christmas a joyful and contemplative time with your family. Find time for a letter or a phone call with old friends, when already in this difficult time, we can not all celebrate together. This often comes up short in the hectic pace of everyday life and work.

If (for once) we may wish for something for Christmas: Let’s all find each other again more, take the harshness and malice out of our discussions, let’s accept necessities that enable and simplify the life and economy of all. When we no longer take ourselves quite so seriously, we also leave more room for togetherness.

The fact that we can be together is not shown by the demonstrations for or against. After all, this was particularly evident again this year with the flood disaster. Let us give thanks to those who were and are there for others without hesitation and with all their commitment. Let us thank those who, using all their strength, often to the brink of exhaustion, serve our society – whether professionally or in an honorary capacity!

A blessed Christmas to you all – have thanks for your support and let’s approach 2022 together with joy. It certainly won’t get any easier, but it really can only be done together.