The Ditzingen Volunteer Fire Department (Stuttgart metropolitan region) took delivery of an ELW 1 based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 419 CDI Standard panel van on December 14, 2022.

The ELW 1 impresses in the exterior area with a power LED ambient lighting which is arranged continuously on the left and right side wall. In addition, a mounting unit is installed on the right-hand side wall and sliding door to ensure that a whiteboard and a 43″ multi-touch monitor can be securely held outside at the same time. Storage when not in use is in a drawer that is integrated into the rear cabinet. Two Hänsch DBS 4000 roof bar systems with extensive hazard and operational signaling ensure maximum warning effect. The air conditioning in the communication and radio room is provided by a powerful roof air conditioning system. To ensure mobile power supply, the ELW 1 is equipped with a Dynawatt high-performance generator system. The radio and communications room is designed with two dispatcher workstations and two meeting workstations. A SELCETRIC IDECS system is based as the central radio switching system. The system has two functional interfaces that have been optimally adapted to the operating needs of the Ditzingen Fire Department. In the process, the radio switching system was equipped with customer-specific medication. Three digital radios, two 2m and two 4m radios were administered into the IDECS system. In addition, the system is equipped with three HRT and four 2m handheld radios. A laser multifunction device rounds off the innovative technology. The extensive equipment in the loading/equipment compartment is stored in a BINZ cabinet module, in accordance with the regulations regarding load securing
We wish the comrades of the Ditzingen Fire Department a safe journey and a safe return from their missions. For the trusting, constructive and very good cooperation, we would like to thank the Ditzingen city administration and the comrades of the Ditzingen fire department.