Plauen / Saxony

Our Plauen site is located in the Vogtland region of Saxony.

More than 80 people are currently employed at the Plauen site. Every year, around 1,500 vehicles leave our workshops to go into service in Germany and around the world.

You can find the location and detailed directions on our contact page.


BINZ Automotive Sachsen GmbH
Leuchtsmühlenweg 12
08523 Plauen


Phone: +49 3741 28110-0

Plant overview

The plant site is located in the southwest of Plauen in Leuchtsmühlenweg.

Gate 1 at the main entrance is used for visitor registration and as access to the plant premises. Gate 2 is used for registration and access to the goods receiving department.

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Gate 1 – main entrance

Gate 1 is the main entrance to the Plauen plant and the visitor registration desk.
From here you can reach our administration building with vehicle handover and the production areas incl. Paint shop.

Gate 2 – goods receiving and logistics

At gate 2 there is a bell pillar for registration with our logistics.

Site History

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